Best cities for outdoor fitness

Are you planning to do exercise outside and consider enjoying hiking, biking, climbing, and swimming? You may take advantage of the best cities that they have to offer outdoors. This will help you get away from the weight rack and treadmill.

Here are some of the best cities for outdoor fitness:

Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon is voted on a routine as the best United States cities. It is known for its outdoor opportunities of activities. There are bicycle lanes within the city specially designated and the city park featuring a 5000 acre is named Forest Park and is suitable for an urban hiker. Through the city, the Willamette River cuts allowing paddleboarders and kayakers a good arm workout. In fact, there is snowboarding or skiing destination on Mount Hood at an hour’s distance or you can reach the ocean and enjoy surfing that is at a distance of more than an hour.

San Diego, California
San Diego offers a beautiful weather throughout the year and so the outdoor activities may include running, walking, hiking, skateboarding, rollerblading, swimming, windsurfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking along the ocean. All you must remember is to apply sunscreen before stepping out and bring water to drink.

Denver, Colorado
Denver is also a great place for outdoor activities and you can participate in mountain biking to hiking in the forest, skiing or snowboarding at the Rocky Mountains and proceeding to the Confluence Park for Kayaking, throughout the winters.

Boston, Massachusetts
Enjoy the views of Charles River Esplanade and also consider your fitness outdoor by including running, walking, rollerblading or tai chi and hike along the Blue Hills Reservation for 125 miles. Note that Boston allows a lot of paddling and kayaking all around its islands as it is a harbor town.

Austin, Texas
This is a beautiful city enjoying a splendid weather that anyone can take the best advantage with outdoor opportunities that include biking around Lady Bird Lake, running or walking within the city located 350 acre, Zilker Park.

San Francisco
San Francisco is popular for its bridges drawing tourists. It also has waterside green space around 80,000+ acres and this includes hiking trails of 196 miles. The Fort Funston is a good place to unleash your dogs and enjoy a free time on the sand, while the Crissy Field waterfront appeal is perfect for kiteboarding and windsurfing. There are less impressive places in the neighborhood parks featuring basketball and tennis courts, golf courses, and baseball diamond courses.